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One of the things that I love to do, is to blog! I wish that I had started a lot sooner, because I had been thinking about it for a while but just hadn’t taken the plunge. I’m definitely of the opinion that if you think about doing something, you should just do it! If it goes wrong, so what? At least you had a try and know that you’ve given it a shot. When people come to the end of their life you will often find that they regret the things that they didn’t do. (more…)

Sinking Funds Can Save Your Financial Life Have you heard of sinking funds? They are the answers to your prayers! In terms of personal finance, a sinking fund is basically a fund that you allot to cover expenses which you know will come up over time. It is going to save your financial life – […]

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Why Some People Don’t Pay Off Their Debt If you’re on your debt destruction journey already, or you are adverse to debt in general, the title of this blog post may have baffled you entirely. What do you mean some people don’t pay off their debt? If in fact, you speak to your friends or […]

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