Things I Stopped Buying To Save Money

10 things I stopped buying to save money

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have big financial goals that I want to achieve, and they never seem to go away, just get bigger and bigger! I have big financial goals for this year (last year was paying off my debt and getting a car, which I managed to do!), but the goals for this year are a bit more hush-hush…I will reveal all in due course though don’t worry (or possibly after I’ve done it, in all honesty). (more…)

How To Best Prepare For Your Retirement I think a lotttt of us can be guilty of not planning for the future, and as I’ve discussed in a previous post, psychology tests show that a part of the brain fires up when we think about our future self, which indicates that we think of our […]

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How To Deal With a Sudden Drop In Income Living paycheque to paycheque is all fun and games until one of those paycheques is taken away! I know how it feels to deal with a big drop in income, and know how incredibly stressful it can be. It can be quite alarming especially if you […]

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