7 Weird Ways To Save Money At Home

Every one of us could do with having some extra money each month. The only issue with this is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to buy a gift for a friend, pay for a vacation, or clear your growing debts, you need to save up in order to do it. This is a mundane task that bores and frustrates the best of us. That being said, with just a little creativity, you can make this tedious chore a lot more fun. With that in mind, here are seven weird ways you can save money at home.

  1. Toilet Train Your Cat

Cats are odd little animals. They roll around in their own filth and lick themselves clean, yet expect their owners to treat them like royalty. For this reason, you should consider letting your ball of fur sit on your bathroom throne. Kitty litter may not seem too large an expense when you go shopping, but, over the course of your pet’s life, the costs do add up. To completely cut this expense for your budget, you should try training your furry friend on how to use the toilet.

  1. Make Your Own Cleaners

The cleaning supplies you keep in your cupboards are likely both costly and bad for the planet. To remedy both of these issues, you should try making your own. The natural ingredients required for a basic multi-purpose cleaner are cheap and work just as well, if not better than the harmful chemicals used in those you find in stores. From mouthwash to shampoo, there are many other household products you could try creating, saving your big bucks in the long run.

  1. Try Changing Your Job

Long commutes to work each morning are irritating to us all, especially when they cost hundreds, if not thousands in car maintenance and fuel or public transport tickets. To ditch this annoying cost, you should try changing your job to work from home. Whether you begin freelancing, launch your own business, or telecommute, this move can benefit you in many more ways than reduced transport expenses. You can also save on clothes, childcare, and even food.

  1. Head To Bed Earlier

Getting adequate sleep each night comes with a number of health benefits, potentially reducing your medical bills by a significant amount. However, like changing your job, the savings that come from sleeping a little more are many and varied. Because you can’t eat, drink, or watch television while you sleep, you can also lower your energy and grocery bills. A little extra sleep can also make you a better driver, which reduces your chances of being involved in an accident.

  1. Stop Renting Your House

Renting a home, rather than buying is certainly less expensive in the short term, but, if you want to cut costs in the long run, then you should consider buying a house instead. By working with housebuilders, like Redrow, you can create a home you love and will want to live in forever. Of course, if you require a little more flexibility, then you should stick with renting for now. However, you could try moving into a smaller property. This would reduce many of your household bills.

  1. Grow Your Own Food

Although many meat eaters may not want to admit it, a plant-based diet is much cheaper than one full of meat products. The food itself is less costly, you don’t always need to cook it, and there are many health benefits which reduced illness and therefore medical costs. Because of this, you should try reducing the amount of meat you have in your diet. You could even grow your own vegetable garden so that you don’t need to travel to pick up your favorite veggies.

  1. Shop On A Wednesday

Saturday is the most popular day of the week to go grocery shopping. This is because the stores are open longer than Sundays and many of us have the day off work. For this reason, most businesses don’t release their discounts on this day and instead wait until the middle of the week. This would make wednesday your cheapest day to shop. To make the most of the weekly promotions, you should combine them with coupons you collect throughout the week.

Saving money can definitely be boring at times, but that doesn’t mean that it always has to be. With these weird and wonderful ideas, you can cut costs and boost your savings, but have a little fun at the same time.

This is a collaborative post