Hi, I’m Francesca and I’m a UK money blogger. I’ve started this blog as a guide for improving your finances and life through saving your money and making more money. If you are in debt, this is a must read for you!

This site will explore ways to pay off debt through general tips and tricks that can be used in every day life, money saving hacks and money making ideas for getting in a better financial situation. This will all be from the point of view of someone with a small income.

I’m a newly single twenty-something with a beautiful five year old daughter. I have two part-time jobs and I study at Uni part time.Β So I can definitely relate to those of you who are parents with a crazy schedule!
I became very frugal once I had my daughter and my income decreased. I’ve used various tricks to buy our house and pay off debt which I will be posting about.
I love reading and writing about personal finance, and sharing everything that I’ve learnt with everyone, because managing your money is so important no matter what your income.

You can usually find me with a cup of tea (3 sugars!) in my hand, surrounded by paperwork and typing away on my laptop. I have a huge love for Harry Potter and The Walking Dead – you may see some quotes pop up here and there! I love playing hockey and staying active. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you – make sure you sign up for my e-mail listΒ to stay in touch.