Hi! I’m Francesca, and I’m a UK money blogger – but a mum to my 6 year old daughter first, and I also have a part time job and study part time at Uni in addition!

I’ve lived through times of having no money at all, and was fed up of it.

I had debt, didn’t go out anywhere or do anything, never spent any money on myself, didn’t have a car…with a little one at home I didn’t have a clue what to do to improve my financial situation!

I found ways that I could make extra money from home and it changed everything.

All of my debt got paid off, I took my daughter on her first holiday abroad, started paying for the things that I’d wanted but not been able to afford over the years, and the new goal emerged of wanting to save up for a house for my daughter and I.

If you’re wondering the things that I did to make some extra cash, my favourites are:

These are all things that turned my life around! I was working an extra job for a little while too but it all became too much so I got rid of one of them. There are a bunch more ways I’ve found now to make extra that I share throughout the blog. I know how it can be difficult to find stuff to do that will fit around your kids and your already busy life, so I do my best to find the best flexible ones for you.

Starting up a blog was a life changing decision that I will never ever regret, and I’ve been lucky enough to be on a BBC One TV programme (Right On The Money), be featured on the BBC website, on BBC Radio Bristol, Share Radio, in The Sun newspaper, Prima magazine, Tesco magazine and Fabulous magazine.

You can usually find me with a cup of tea (3 sugars!) in my hand, surrounded by paperwork and typing away on my laptop. I have a huge love for Harry Potter and The Office – you may see some quotes pop up here and there!

I love playing hockey and am happiest on a pitch (or at my laptop blogging/on my blog Instagram). I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you – make sure you stay in touch.

I stay in control with my money through budgeting. It allows me to make sure my bills are paid, that I can save money for my goals, and still have fun.

I like to have a lot of pretty things around me, and you can also get a copy of my budget binder below.
Budget Planner Monthly Budget


Some of my favourite posts include:

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