When it comes to wanting to improve our lifestyle and get a little more out of life, we can often start looking at our financial situation and working out what we can do to perhaps increase our income. Some people look at side hustles and extra ways they can improve their income, but one obvious option is to progress in your current career and go for any promotions, extra hours or even a change in job role. However, there may be things that are holding you back from doing this. Here are some of the things to consider and overcome.  

Anything from your past hindering your further 

One of the first things to address will likely be the past, and often this is something that many people would prefer to avoid, however, it isn’t something that will go away. Often past offences, and unspent criminal charges can go against you, especially when you are looking to change your job or go for a promotion that requires more responsibility. It might be time to get in touch with the best criminal lawyers to ensure that you can get things resolved in the correct manner. Handling it now will help you in the future and could save you in time that might be wasted. 

Not enough experience 

Sometimes the biggest thing holding you back when it comes to going for promotions is the lack of experience. Of course, there is an argument to say that how can you get the experience without necessarily doing the job? But there are avenues you can explore to help with this. Volunteering to take on extra work and responsibility without any gain other than the experience is a good place to start. Taking on extra responsibility and learning as much as you can while doing your current job means that you are building solid evidence that you are more than capable for the next step. 

Speaking out and suggesting changes 

A lot of the time, people can be happy to slip into the crowd and go unnoticed, but this won’t work for you if you are ambitious and want to move up the career ladder. It might be time to start showing some initiative and speaking up a little. This could be suggestions in making the workplace a better place to work. It might be suggestions in improvements, answers to problems raised or generally just getting involved in conversations. It is time to stand up and be seen. 

Improving your resume to include recent experience

Finally, a big mistake that many make when going for promotions or new job roles is that they forget to update their resume. This is vital, people may know you, the manager interviewing may be aware of your skills, but your resume can showcase experience. Even life experience that could be valuable in the job role that you want to do. Make sure you send out updated versions to include all relevant and recent experience. 

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to progressing your career.

This is a collaborative post.