August Goals & Life Update

August Goals & Life Update

After getting some feedback on the kind of thing that people like to read about, there was a huge response from people saying that they love to read personal blog posts – focusing on the things that are going on in day-to-day life and how you are working towards goals.

With that in mind, I thought I would try out a new type of blog post – one very personal to me and my life, and if you all like it then it can become a monthly thing!

Bearing in mind that this is my first type of these posts, I don’t have any goals to reflect upon that I have written about in this format, but I can still share with you goals that I have been hitting along the way!


I’ve never done one of these updates before so there will probably be a lot of information here! In July I split up with my husband who I had been with for nearly 7 years, so at the time of writing it’s been almost 2 months since the breakup.

Adjusting to being a single mum has been an interesting learning curve in terms of time management, and finances – I don’t think that it particularly helped that it was during the school holidays, so I had my daughter with me every day. It took me well out of my routine and I wasn’t very organised!

We are now preparing for the house to be valued to find out what we are going to do with it. It’s a shared ownership property, which means that we own part of it and we rent part of it through the housing association. The valuation will determine what we are going to do with it, because if it’s not gone up by too much then I can buy him out, but if it has gone up considerably then I won’t be able to buy him out so we will have to sell it and split the money (I don’t envisage that we would get much out of it to be honest).

I’ve been preparing for this by doing a MAJOR declutter everywhere – I think that I am usually pretty good at this, and regularly sell stuff from the house, but I am now being ruthless and purging everything. Under my bed there’s storage where I keep spare bedding, books and packaging stuff (like parcel bags, jiffy bags, envelopes, bubble wrap), and I had no idea how much was in there! I took it all out and sorted through it.

I am operating from the assumption that we will have to sell the house, so the decluttering is helpful because I certainly don’t want to take everything with me! If we do have to move, we (my daughter and I) will probably have to rent a small flat, so I need to be able to fit everything that we have into a smaller space, which I can’t envisage at the moment as we have soooooo much stuff.

My next plan of action is to tackle my wardrobe and the garage. I don’t have that many clothes, but in the bottom of my wardrobe is where I keep things to sell on eBay. The pile has been growing bigger and bigger, so I really need to list everything on there and sell it – this will not only get rid of the pile, but get me some extra cash as well!

I have the same aim for the garage – it’s full of so much stuff, but there is a “car boot sale” pile which is items that didn’t sell on previous attempts, and I need to go through it all and see if I should do another car boot sale or try and sell them all individually. Yes, I would do this even for small items!! I do really believe that every little helps…although if it doesn’t sell it will be a trip to the charity shop.

In another aspect of my life, I’ve been trying to play a lot more hockey. Hockey is something that I have done for years, but after having my daughter I didn’t play because I couldn’t afford it – and I missed it desperately. I’ve been trying to now do more of the things that make me happy, and it has the best effect on my happiness and general well-being.

I’ve been playing summer league hockey, but the proper season starts in a couple of weeks, which I’m so excited about. Training started this week and it went really well, so I was really happy. In our last summer league hockey game this season I gave 110% – ended up scoring 2 goals and trying out some new silky skills. I feel like my confidence and skills are growing, which makes me insanely happy – something that you will understand if you play a sport! My goal for this year is for my team to win our league!


As mentioned above, my finances have now changed due to dropping down to a single income after breaking up with my husband. Nothing has actually changed in terms of the bills being paid (he pays less, but it’s covered). I wrote down all of the income and expenses that the household has, and worked out what pays for what, and I know that the bills are all paid for and I have some extra left over.

I won’t know until after the house valuation what we are doing with the house, so I will have to either pay off my ex husband which will be thousands, or I will have to move out and find somewhere to rent (which will mean paying fees to sell it, and then saving for a deposit for a place to rent). Basically, either way, I will need some money to deal with the house situation. I can’t wait to have the valuation because then I know where I stand and I can plan it all out exactly.

Before that happens though, I have another goal that I am working towards – I’m going to save up £3000 for a personal goal that I won’t be sharing unfortunately due to people that I know gossiping! Annoying I know, but I hope that you guys understand. I shared over on my Instagram that I have printed out 3 of the printables that I created for saving up £1000 (the one that I used to save up to take my daughter on holiday).

I’m going to achieve this goal by earning extra money again. When I say extra money, I mean money that I am not earning from what I consider my “main” source of income. I work part time in an office and although I can make more off my blog some months, I like having a consistent stream of income, and I use it for my bills.


I love blogging. I really mean that too! I started my blog at the end of April 2016, and I have absolutely loved every step along the way. I finally feel like I know what I am doing in terms of the way I want to write, things that I want to write about, and understanding all of the technical side of it! I’ll never be 100% done with everything on the blog, but I am at a place with it now where I am happy with it all.

This blog does bring me in some extra money each month, but it is inconsistent which, from a financial perspective, makes me nervous. I think my long term goal is to blog full time (I say think, because I am currently studying at Uni for a different career path, that I do still want to go down).

By the way, if you want to start up a blog of your own I have a step-by-step guide, and I also have a free 7 day email course to help you set it up.

The blog has been doing quite well considering I can’t spend all day every day on it (I wish!) – it earns me extra income, I get to speak to some great people (both other bloggers and readers), I feel as though I am genuinely helping people, I got to go on a BBC One TV programme to chat about money making, I have been nominated for 2 blogging awards which is very exciting – even if I don’t win I’m still grateful for the recognition for lil ol’ me! I also got in the local paper for this:


I am a champion goal setter. Notice that I didn’t say I am the champion of completing goals?! Honestly, I always set myself too many so I physically can’t achieve them all in the timespan that I set, but I enjoy having something to really work hard towards. If I set myself small goals, I won’t work on them as hard, so I end up getting less done.

Financial goals

My goals for my finances are to save up £3000 for something on my personal list (I have a list of things that I want to get/do now that my debt is paid off. There are some things that have been ticked off already). As mentioned, I have printed off 3 of my £1k printables and stuck them on the fridge for me to fill in and be reminded to work hard towards. I don’t have a time limit for that exactly – just as soon as possible.

I have slacked a little bit with meal planning lately as I find it harder cooking for 2 than 3 for some reason, and don’t get as into planning it all out as I was before. With everything being up in the air at the moment with the house though, I really need to keep our outgoings as low as possible, so this is something that I need to work on.

Blog goals

I have SO many blog goals! I have a very, very long list which has all of the things that I need to do on it, but this is a new one. The old one I have completed! I feel like I have finally got all of the basics covered, and now I can move on to some new things that will hopefully grow my blog.

I don’t want world domination with the blog, but I do want to reach as many people as possible, so that I can help as many people as possible, so my next steps are focusing on ways I can grow my blog reach.

I also want to bring out a couple of products of my very own, which I have been researching and creating the outline for – so watch out for those in the upcoming months!

There is so much to do with the blog every day, but I find that I can be reactive instead of proactive – which I need to change. I’m going to try and do this by creating a schedule for the week, and also I’m going to put together a checklist for the things that I need to do on a daily basis, before I get distracted with other things, and I’m going to laminate it so that I can use it over and over again.

I’ve also been trialling some Pinterest VA’s to help me manage that, as when I am active on it, I get a lot of page views and therefore ad revenue and affiliate sales, but it’s kinddddd of impossible for me to go on it all the time, and I do manual pinning as I know Pinterest prefers that. Once I have chosen my VA I will see how it goes and if it is worth the cost. If it’s not, I will teach myself how to use Tailwind and automate it!

So overall, this month I hope to work towards my personal goal of earning an extra £3000, and get the house ready to potentially sell. This month (September) is my daughters birthday, so that’s going to keep me quite busy (and the goal is to buy her some rabbits!). I also have the SHOMO blogging awards where I have been nominated for 2 awards (best money making blog and best social media for Instagram) – it’s in London so I will have to travel there on my own and I’ve also never met any other bloggers before, so I’m excited but a little bit nervous!

Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of update and if you would like to see one each month – if you do, I will see you at the September update! (There will be blog posts before that, so make sure you come back before then!).