The Best Beautiful Feminine Blog Themes For WordPress

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Do you want a website that looks good?

I’m guessing that you do. And one that doesn’t cost the earth either!

When I came across these themes, I knew that I had to have one. They are gorgeous, and perfect for my target audience. They are easy to navigate, to edit, and their support is second to none. I personally ask a ton of questions, and they have been perfect at helping me.

The website that I purchased my theme from is Bluchic*. I LOVE them. I actually found it quite hard to pick just one and I had originally chosen a different theme and then I saw the one that I have now and had to have it.

They do the prettiest feminine themes for users that will definitely grab your viewers attention. If you click through to the website on my links, you can click ‘live demo’ and it will show you a mock up of what the site will look like live, which is so handy.

Olivie Theme*
Ah, Olivie, this was the other one that I really loved. If I ever got another theme it would probably be this one. It’s just so pretty! The headers and categories are really nicely laid out too.

Olivie theme blog from pennies to pounds

Isabelle Theme*
Another really pretty theme, it’s so hard to choose just one isn’t it! This is a really clean, simple design with a great header and menu.

Isabelle - From Pennies to Pounds blog theme

Quinn Theme*
This is the perfect theme for an event planner or photographer, with photos being the main focus point of this theme. It has the 3 boxes that I have at the top on mine, at the bottom. You can change the colours too. Check it out!
Quinn - Blog Theme - From Pennies to Pounds

Samantha Theme*
Another one that I absolutely love, this theme is so simple and elegant. This is mainly geared towards those who sell retail and digital products through an online boutique.

Samantha theme - blog - From Pennies to Pounds

Tiffany Theme*
Stylishly designed with the makers, calligraphers and DIYpreneurs in mind – built for E-Commerce shop. The gold colour scheme is easily changed if you don’t fancy keeping it that way (I love gold!).

Paisley Theme*
Another one that I would personally consider getting because I just love the lay out of it. I think the lay out of a blog is really important because people will just click off if they find it hard to navigate.

blog theme - from pennies to pounds

Naomi Theme*
Another theme which has great navigation and menus – you have to click on the live demo because the photos I am posting of these don’t do them justice. You will also see that on some of them (like this one) they have the option of having your Instagram photo roll at the footer of the page.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.11.38

Lynette Theme*
This theme is definitely one that you have to click on ‘live demo’ – the layout is amazing and the header is great too – stunning theme!

Lynette blog theme - From Pennies to Pounds

Marilyn Theme*
This theme is aimed at fashion bloggers with helpful menus although the header menu is quite dark on this one. Make sure you click on the links on all of these because it also shows you how your blog will look on a phone – so important!

Fashion blogger theme - From Pennies to Pounds

Jacqueline Theme*

For boss ladies, consultants and coaches. Again, I love the layout of this blog design (you may have noticed that I love them all!).

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.32.42

Geraldine Theme*
Aimed towards wedding and event planners but it would be perfect for any blog. Amazing base colours too!

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.36.58


Chamomile Theme*
Mint green theme for wedding planners – has a cool option of being able to put your address at the bottom of the page.

Chamomile blog theme - From Pennies to Pounds

Victoria Theme*
This is the newest blog theme that they have out, and I absolutely love it. I am a little bit gutted that I don’t have it now…but I do love my theme! It looks really pretty, but with a simple layout, which is important. Definitely looks very professional! The great thing about this theme is that they also provide a matching social media kit (below).
feminine blog themesVictoria Social Media Kit*
There’s also a social media kit that you can purchase to accompany the Victoria blog theme (although you could definitely use for other themes too!).
feminine blog theme

Adriana Theme*
This theme is specifically a Shopify theme for your online store. It’s a perfect platform for selling your products.
feminine wordpress blog theme bluchic

Rachel Theme*
Ah…the lovely Rachel theme.  I had to end it with my favourite one, my blog theme! I love it, I really do – it’s so pretty and as I mentioned before, a lot of people comment on how nice my blog looks. Hopefully showing this will help you see how it can be changed if you require – as you can see I didn’t change much because I love it how it is.

You can see on this example that they give an easy option for a banner ad in the header, but I didn’t add this in because I don’t want an ad there! I do have an ad on the right-hand side now which was really easy to do. I also don’t have the social media icons travelling down the side, the Instagram roll – all of this is easy to edit.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.47.25

As you may have guessed from this post, I love Bluchic themes! I wouldn’t recommend them to you if I wasn’t using one myself and loved it. Setting it up was really easy and the support from Bluchic was amazing. I was really nervous about changing my theme and asked a lot of questions but they were really patient and quick with their responses. Also, it’s only a one-off payment.

If you do decide to choose one of these themes, please use one of my links so that they give me credit for it! Let me know when you’ve got it all set up and I will promote your blog for you!

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below? I am happy to help.

Feminine Blog Themes - From Pennies to Pounds

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