There is no shortage of options for how you want to live your life. Although most of the time, retailers are looking to sell you something, there are more renting options than ever. Even leasing seems to be falling to a second place to renting as more and more contracts become flexible. Leasing just seems like buying something without actually owning it thus, you bear all the responsibility but none of the benefits. Leasing and buying can be seen as a burden which is why renting companies of all sorts, have made sure they are not the last ones to modernize. If you’re fiscally prudent, it seems like renting makes much more sense for a few outstanding reasons. You don’t own something thus a depreciating hard asset is not a financial risk. You also have more freedom to choose when you want something different or new depending on your tastes or circumstances. You also get short-term and long-term competitive rates if you have great credit.


Do you need a car?

It seems as though, car prices are in flux at the moment. As ever, where there is technological shift occurring, even some models from last year will be drastically marked down. You might be tempted to buy for this reason. However, the newest cars have smart technology, computers, sensors, night driving aids, drivers aids, cruise control, hybrid power units and international navigation systems. These cars are going to be incredibly pricey, so much so that some are saying they prohibit even the middle class from outright buying them. Thus, it seems like just two options remain for the savvy saver. Leasing is also a bit of tie-in, as you are trapped in a contract that might last years. You may not be able to switch the model after a set period and you are still responsible for keeping the car in good stead i.e. maintenance falls in your lap. Renting is more flexible and since there is an abundance of used cars and new cars alike, this option gives you more freedom. 


A model every year

New smartphones are modern wonders of technology. They’re futuristic, incredibly complex yet easy to use, and oh yes, they’re astronomically expensive. It’s common for smartphones to cost $1,000 or more these days. The best Samsung and Apple models easily break through this four-digit barrier. Other smartphones from HTC and Huawei are sure to also begin to break through this comfortably as well. So, these days it seems like unless you have a thousand dollars just lying around, you won’t be getting a new smartphone. This is also bad for those that only upgrade every 3-5 years. Far better to check out Mobile Phone Deals that allow you to have the latest smartphones but at a low monthly rent price. They also have some cheaper deals for those that don’t really want a complex phone, just a daily device for simple tasks.

These days, some of the newest and best things don’t make sense to purchase outright. Renting a brand new car or smartphone allows you more freedom and flexible savings. 

This is a collaborative post.