Smartphones are a part of us. In this day and age, you wouldn’t dare leave your front door without putting your phone in your pocket. It’s as valuable if not even more than your wallet. You have credit cards, photo albums, contact lists, video recordings and so much more in just one place. It’s an everyday item that we use for countless things but that also means another thing. We’re constantly spending money on our phones. We spend on texts, calls, network data, buying apps, buying themes, wallpapers and facetime to name a few. Surely there must be ways to stop hemorrhaging money everyday and be able to use our phones for the things we need for free or cheaper? There are, but some may not provide you with the exact things you want but in the end they will save you money and do just as good a job.

Checking out smartly 

Shopping is something we use our phones for rigorously. They have become our calculator, shopping list, coupon and discount book as well as holding all our brand membership cards to store points etc. But sometimes just finding a brand and or store that has items for sale is difficult enough. CheckOurSmart is a free app which you can download from your play store or app center, and use it to find some of the essentials for every household on sale or giving cash back guarantees. If you’re running out of something your family likes, you can use this app to see which stores around your area offering discounts and or lower prices for those particular items. You get all this information in one spot so you don’t need to download store brand apps which may even charge you.

Finding your way

Navigating the world has become so much easier and quicker thanks to our smartphones. However it’s not all rosey, you do still need to pay for data. Or do you? Well for certain SIM cards, you only need to have a monthly subscription or contract and they will provide all the data you need. Check out these cheap SIM at Latest Deals where one of them is the SMARTY unlimited data program. For £18.75 you have all the data you need so you can use Google Maps or any other navigation app for however long you want. But this data can be used for watching videos online or using email apps to communicate with your work. 

Moments that are free

The o2 company has offered the Priority Moments program for a long time. This is simply where you are offered free items if you have their SIM card. This could be something simple like a bottle or wine or a box of chocolates, to being offered tickets to sports events or to opening weekends of blockbuster releases. 

The smartphone is a tool we can’t live without these days. So it should be something that doesn’t cost a lot to use and can always offer us more than we take from it. 

This is a collaborative post.