Free Cinema Tickets – Watch New Films For Free, Or Very Cheap!


I am SO excited to share this with you all – I have had the biggest smile on my face because today I got to see a fab NEW film at the cinema for free, before it’s even been released!


I love films, but never go to the cinema because the prices are outrageous – £10 each at our local cinema and even more if it’s a 3D film. I am usually quite happy to wait for the films to come out of the cinema before watching them, but I have been impatiently waiting for ‘Me Before You’ which is a romantic love story starring my fellow Brits Emilia Clarke (from Game of Thrones) and Sam Clafin (from The Hunger Games) who are both way too gorgeous. I was actually contemplating going to watch it at the cinema when it would be released (it’s coming out on 3rd June). I can recommend it by the way – although I cried like a baby the whole way through!

So imagine my delight when an email popped up inviting me to a private screening for the preview of the film! And even better than watching it before the masses…for free!

The website that I am signed up to is called Show Film First. They organise screenings for specific target audiences. As you can probably tell from my excitement, I am the perfect audience for the film I watched. So you won’t be invited to all of the films under the sun, and this is actually the first one that I’ve been invited to that I would really want to watch. I would have told you all about this before but I like to try out things before I recommend them.

So register with them, and they will email you invitations to films. If there is one you like, the email will contain a link which will send you to a page with the available cinemas and dates on it. You then print the tickets off yourself.
Make sure you take I.D with you in case they ask for it. They also mention that there are no advertisements shown before these kind of previews, so you have to arrive on time or early. We managed to get there just in time today and it was packed out already.

Other cheap cinema options are:

Free Tickets
Show Film First
Paramount Previews – Same system as above. Sign up and wait for them to email you preview screenings.

Cineworld Cinema – Unlimited movies from £16.99 per month. You also get 10% off snacks and drinks, and preview screenings of films.
Odeon Limitless – Unlimited movies for £17.99 per month (£19.99 in London). They currently have 30% popcorn combos in May with this.

Children’s Tickets
Cineworld – ‘Movie for Juniors‘ – Show films from £2 on selected days.
Vue – ‘Mini Mornings’ – Show films from £1.99 on selected days.
Odeon – ‘Odeon Kids’ – Run every weekend and every day in the summer holidays. Tickets are £2.50 for children and adults.

Deal Days
Vue – ‘Super Tuesdays’ – Up to 1/3 off adult tickets all day
Odeon – ‘Supersaver tickets’ – Reduced ticket prices Monday – Thursdays before 5pm (excluding bank holidays).
Showcase ‘Insider Club’ – £6.50 (£8.50 for 3D films) admission after 7pm Sunday and all day Monday and Tuesday.

Other Deals
Meerkat Movies – If you use Compare the Market for comparison deals you can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets in most big cinemas every Tuesday or Wednesday for 12 months from the date you use the site to purchase insurance or similar.
Odeon Screen Unscreen – This is a preview screening with an interesting set up. You pay £5 for a preview screening but you don’t know which film you are watching until you are in there. There aren’t currently any on, but keep an eye out for future screenings.
Nectar Points – The points you accrue in places like Sainsbury’s can be used towards cinema tickets at Vue. You cannot use them to book online in advance, only when you are there in person.
Most cinemas also do deals for students, seniors, and family tickets.
Tesco Clubcard Points – These can be used for tickets at Cineworld, Movie House and Vue.

Please make sure you read all of the terms and conditions if you are going to join or go see any of these.
If you are someone who loves going to the cinema or loves films, it’s a great way to still be able to go but not pay full price. Especially since full price can cost a small fortune.
Don’t forget to stay away from the expensive snacks. Take your own in your bag. Happy film viewing!

Has anyone been to the cinema recently? If anyone has any more tips or tricks to get cheap cinema tickets, please share in the comments.

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