Frugal Cookbooks to save you money on your food shopping

frugal cookbooks

A great way of reducing your overall living expenses is to cut back on costs on your grocery shopping. After all, it is one big expense that we can justify to ourselves – we have to eat, right?! But there are many easy ways to eat healthy, delicious food that will keep more money in your wallet. I have a couple of posts with tips on how to save money on your grocery shopping and how meal planning can save you money.

One of the best things that you can do, as previously mentioned, is meal plan. It is not a long, laborious task – but a relatively simple one, assuming you know the type of food that you like to eat, and generally eat on a regular basis. There is a downloadable meal planner on my meal planning post that you can print off and fill in. Extra bonus points if you laminate it to use over and over again!

One of the main reasons why people overspend on groceries, is that they don’t know how to cook a cheap yet healthy meal that everyone can enjoy. If you haven’t been taught how to cook certain things, it can be a little bit daunting – but this is where cookbooks can come in. There’s a plethora of great cookbooks out there that can be used for a variety of dishes. I have put together a round-up of cookbooks that focus more on the frugal cooking side. Don’t be put off by the word frugal – it just means that you are using your money in the most sensible way that you can. It’s a win-win situation!

If you think that you are too busy to cook every day from home, these cookbooks are definitely worth checking out because they are full of very simple recipes that will not take you long to cook. Another tip if you are busy, is to batch cook. This means that you do a big batch of cooking on one day, and then freeze the rest of it so that all you need to do is heat it up on the day.

There are many great recipes out there that can ensure your family eat well on a budget. I know that it is a growing concern to be able to afford to feed your family, and this is where money saving tips can come in handy before you reach that point. I know that being savvy with my food shopping has saved me tons of money but still managed to keep my fussy husband and bottomless pit of a daughter full up.

If you put together meal planning, shopping in budget supermarkets (e.g. Lidl or Aldi), dropping branded products and learning how to cook cheap, nourishing food, you will find yourself in the enviable position of eating healthy yet with more money in your bank. For myself personally, I love food. However, I abhor spending lots of money on it because I can think of a million different ways in which I can spend the money on something better. Have a look at the following cookbooks, because they could help you learn how to cook.

When you are living on the breadline, these types of books could be your lifeline.


Jack is the Queen of frugal cooking. If you are not aware of her story, she found herself on a tiny income to support herself and her son, and fed them a varied, healthy diet for £10 a week.

If you work out your current spending per meal and it’s well off £1, take a look at this book for tips.

Another fab book from Jack Monroe where she shares more budget family recipes.

Did anyone else watch this programme and love it?! I would definitely recommend watching it if not – these two are full of great tips on how to save money on your food shopping.

Another book to check out if you count how much you are currently spending per day feeding your family and are horrified by what you spend!

The author worked as a nutritionist and noticed that many families were afraid of cooking and had a misconception that healthy food was expensive. She put together 250 recipes in this book for busy families that includes meal plans.

If you look at the reviews of this book, you’ll definitely want to buy it! There are 400 recipes in here which only require 3 or 4 ingredients. Simple cooking at its best.

Do you know how to boil an egg? I personally can never remember the timings, so this is one of those books that is very handy for simple budget recipes.

One of the best ways that you can save money on your grocery bill is to cut down on your meat. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you could benefit from cutting down on the amount of meat that you consume, but still eat tasty food.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for budget cookbooks? Please share below.

frugal cookbooks

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