How To Get a Free £5 (And Then An Extra £10)

I love sharing with you ways that you can get some extra money, especially if it’s a quick and easy win!

There is a new banking app in town, called Monese.

They are currently running a referral programme for encouraging people to sign up for it (and depositing £10), but I’ve already seen the referral fee drop, so you’d better be quick!

Download the Monese app here. You need to use my referral code FRANC604 to get the free £5.

All that you need to do, is sign up to the app, deposit £10, wait for your free £5 to arrive, then transfer it back to your normal account.

It’s free money – I have done it and got the money because every little bit adds up, and I won’t say no to free money that is offered to me.

I haven’t checked out the banking app yet to see how good it is, but it looks ok from what I have quickly looked at.

In the mean time though, we can get a free £5 just for signing up and depositing £5 into the account (with my referral code FRANC604).

Once you’ve signed up as well, you will get your own referral code which you can use to refer other people and get £10.

So, don’t forget that it is a banking app, meaning that you will have to fill in all of your relevant information to create an account, and also be able to prove your identity.

Once you have set up your account, it will take up to 48 hours for the £5 to appear in your account.

When you have received your free £5, you can transfer that and the £10 that you put in there straight away.

I was a bit confused about how you do this when I was looking for how to do a transfer – but that’s because it wouldn’t be a transfer. It’s a payment – don’t forget that this is a brand new bank account, so you will need to make a payment to your usual bank account (if that’s where you want it to go).

Sign up to Monese today and use the referral code FRANC604 to get your free £5!