If you’ve had enough of the daily grind and are ready to give it all up and go travelling, then you’re going to need to look at your finances to make this dream a reality. It’s far to easy for people to advise you to save, but in this day and age, you’re likely to be scrimping by as it is – so what you really need to be doing is not so much spending less, but earning more. If you’re going travelling, there are some great ways to do this…

Rent Out A Room

It’s a normal thing for people to house share now, so if you’ve got a room, then make some money off it and rent it out. It could be to someone you know, someone you don’t – or even better, put it out there as a place for travellers to come and stay. You could do this on Airbnb perhaps, and it’s a way to make a whole load of new friendships, and even better, you might be able to stay on their sofas when you’re visiting their country on your travel. 

Sell Your Stuff

If you’re going away, then you can’t start getting rid of stuff now, and you may as well make money from it. Start going through your clothes and sell everything you haven’t worn for a while, take your car to somewhere like Jays Motor Company and get the best price for it, basically, have a clear out now – it will save you a lot of time when it comes to packing. 

Get Another Job

Getting a part-time job, as well as your full-time job can be hard work, but also very rewarding. You don’t need to touch the money from the part-time job, that can go away, and all go towards your travels. At least when you hate your life after a full day at work and about to start the next shift, you know it’s going somewhere worth it, and you can plan your travels in your head. If you can’t get another job, then perhaps at your current role you could work some extra shifts? 

Automate Your Savings

Set up an automatic transfer that takes 10% of your wage each week and puts it into a travel savings account as it’s a lot easier to keep track of your savings if you have them in a separate account. 

Collect Spare Change

You will not miss the spare coins; in fact, you are more than likely to spend them to get rid of the weight in your purse. Take these coins and put them into your money box. Pick up loose coins too; it all adds up. 

Use Your Talents

What unique talents do you have that someone will pay for? Anything you can do that will save them time or money? You can put yourself up for hire on websites such as TaskRabbit, Elance or Fiverr. Research those sites to see what others are doing; it might give you some inspiration for you as to what you might be able to do.

This is a collaborative post.