If you’ve been in a car accident of any kind, you’ll know that it can end up costing you a lot of money. Between your insurance premiums, car repairs or loss of earnings if you’ve been injured, costs can get high, which is the last thing you need after such a distressing experience. Don’t let an accident trash your savings.

Get The Other Driver’s Information

Whether you or the other driver was at fault, it’s essential to get the other person’s details. You should take details that include their name, insurance company, insurance policy number, the type of vehicle they were driving and the license plate number. All this will be helpful to your insurance company. Give them the same details for you so they can pass them along to their own insurance company. 

Take Pictures

For insurance purposes, it’s useful to take pictures. When it comes to reporting the accident, you may struggle to remember everything. Having pictures will help jog your memory and show exactly what happened. Photograph any damage to either car, and any marks left on the road or roadside furniture. Get pictures of the road conditions, such as a road wet from the rain. 

Speak To An Attorney

Legal guidance can be incredibly useful after an accident. Speak to an attorney like The Derrick Law Firm who can help you to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company if the other driver was the one at fault. 

If you end up having to go to court to get your settlement, an attorney is essential to present you case. An insurance company will fight fiercely to avoid paying, so bring in a professional to help you out. They can protect you from being out of pocket if another driver has hit you. If you were the one at fault, they can still be helpful, so take advice. 

Check Your Insurance

Speak to your insurance company as soon as possible to find out what’s covered. Check if any repair work needed on your car will be covered. Check to see if you have a policy that pays for your time lost at work, whether because of injury or not having access to a vehicle. Be sure you can claim the full amount. The best insurance should cover for lost wages, injury, loss of transportation and for the damage to the car. 

Ask For Paid Time Off

A car accident is stressful and you’ll need time to recover. If you’ve been injured, work may be difficult or impossible. Speak to your boss and see if you can negotiate any paid time off to give you time to heal and recover. They may allow you to use some of your sick days while still being paid. 

It may help to get a letter from a doctor explaining your injuries to give to your boss. You may qualify for paid medical leave if you’re in full-time employment and are prevented from working by your injuries.

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