Muscle Food Review: Do The Unthinkable

Muscle Food review

When it comes to saving money, I’m all for it – as long as it is still a decent quality, and something that I will enjoy. Living with my partner has caused our food budget to shoot up, as he eats a lot of meat due to his workouts.

He also wants the meat to be a good quality (which is fair enough), but I need to keep our food bill down as low as possible, so that we can save for our goals. We have a Muscle Food review here, as Muscle Food kindly sent us some to try out, which we eagerly agreed to!

The plan is called Do The Unthinkable, and is a diet and exercise plan that will help you to lose weight, and reach your fitness goal, with the help of experts.

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Who are Muscle Food?

Chances are that you’ve probably heard of Muscle Food before, but if not, they are a really popular British online food retailer, that is mainly aimed towards gym goers – they sell meat, sports supplements, high protein foods and snacks.

They were founded in 2013 by Darren Beale and are based in Nottingham in England. They gained popularity really quickly, and were the first brand to launch a protein pizza, which is now also stocked in supermarkets.

What is Do The Unthinkable?

Do The Unthinkable is a diet and fitness system that has everything that you could possibly need to achieve your fitness goals

  1. Every meal and snack delivered directly to your door.
  2. Workouts received in the form of both a DVD and instant online access.
  3. Support from a Personal Trainer and people who are on the same plan.

How Do I Choose The Right Food and Programme For Me?

When you sign up to this programme, it will give you various options, so you can select what will work best for you.

You can also input your weight, height and age, and also how many hours you are active each week.

Next, is choosing the amount of days that you want to order the plan for – whether that be 5 days, 6 days or 7 days.

For my Muscle Food: Do The Unthinkable review, I was asked to trial the 5 day plan, which as you can see from above, works out as 30 meal times, and equating to £2 per meal (which is a really good amount, considering the meat!).

When you click on the green ‘Choose Your Meals’ button, you will get to do the most fun part (in my opinion!) of choosing all of the various meals and snacks for your plan.

I enjoyed looking through the different options, as it was nice to see the meals ready made for you, or put together in packs, and this is what I ended up choosing:

Your Breakfast
1 x High Protein Ready To Eat Blueberry Pancakes – 2 x 50g
1 x High Protein Ready To Eat Maple Pancakes – 2 x 50g
1 x Oomf! Instant Oats – Chocolate
1 x High Protein Cookie-Salted Caramel
1 x High Protein Cookie-Triple Chocolate ****
Your Morning Snack
1 x Lemon Crunch Protein Bar
1 x Coconut Crunch Protein Bar
1 x Chocolate Decadence Protein Bar
1 x Pulsin Protein Booster Bar Vanilla Choc Crisp
1 x Bounce Vegan 9g Protein Balls-Coconut Cumin
Your Lunch
2 x Chicken Chow Mein Noodle Pot
1 x Thai Curry Chicken & Rice Pot
1 x Sweet Chilli Chicken & Rice Pot
1 x Tikka Chicken & Rice Pot
1 x Oriental Chicken Pad Thai Meal
Your Afternoon Snack
1 x Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Soup – 400g-400g
1 x YUMM High Protein Crunchers Milk Chocolate
1 x Ready To Eat Spicy Chicken On A Stick – 75g
1 x Ready To Eat Chinese Chicken On A Stick – 75g
Your Dinner
1 x Nduja Pork Pasta Kit
1 x Mushroom Pesto Pasta Kit
1 x Chicken Fajita Stir Fry Mix
1 x Thai Chicken Stir Fry Mix
1 x Chinese Style Chicken Curry Meal Kit
Your Evening Snack
1 x Hippeas Organic Chick Pea Puffs Cheese & Love
1 x Protein Popcorn Simply Salted
1 x Mountain Chips Sweet Chilli
1 x Mountain Chips BBQ
1 x Olly’s Olives Rosemary and Chilli

There are more options, these are just the things that I specifically chose because they sounded tasty to me!

You will get to choose your delivery date, and they ask you to make note that the delivery date is not guaranteed, and that 99.1% of deliveries arrive on the date requested. The deliveries come between 7am-9pm unless you have chosen a specific time slot.

I wasn’t in when my order arrived – and the delivery guy decided to throw the order over my back garden wall! This wasn’t ideal because it caused some of the packaging inside to split open, and it was tipping down with rain. The cardboard box that it came in pretty much fell apart when I picked it up.

It wasn’t all bad though, here is a picture of all of the products that I received:

It’s worth noting something that I didn’t realise when I ordered the items – there are a mixture of fresh and frozen foods. I think I assumed that they were all going to be fresh, and they were going to have a long enough use by date in order for me to get through them on the sectional basis that I chose them on.

For example, I may not have chosen the pancakes for breakfast if I knew that they were going to be frozen. Some of the frozen items also needed defrosting, whereas some were cook from frozen. It was a bit confusing to me, just because of my assumption that it was all going to be the same.

My Verdict On The Food

The food was ok, but I am used to eating much bigger portion sizes (despite being tiny!), I think because I have a high metabolism and have always been very sporty and active.

For me, the meals were much too small, and I was left feeling quite hungry. However, if you are on a diet plan where you want to lose weight through portion control, healthy eating and exercise, this would be good for you.

I enjoyed the snacks, and the pasta kits were really nice, but again they were probably too small for me personally.

If you read through the documentation that comes with it (and the photos that I have seen posted by other people who have followed this programme), they recommend adding fruit and vegetables to your meals, which would definitely help with filling you up a bit more.

It comes with a recipe binder which I LOVE, because it has loads of great recipe ideas that are healthy, easy to make but also shows you how you can use the Muscle Food products to create these.

Exercise Programme

As well as the food that you receive, you will also get an exercise DVD for you to follow along. This is a great way to do it if you are new to your fitness plan and regime, as you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

The goal that Muscle Food have for you with this exercise plan, is to workout more effectively, so that you aren’t constantly doing exercise – this is good for those of us with a busy schedule, and also allows you to recover when you’re aching a bit!

As well as the DVD, you are able to stream it from anywhere 24/7 as well, and are given a full workout plan, with each work out demonstrated to you.

You also have access to a personal trainer, a nutritionist, live streamed workouts weekly, Facebook live Q&A’s, and also access to their supportive Facebook group. If you want to follow anyone else’s journey, there is a hashtag to use on Instagram – #DoTheUnthinkable.

To go alongside your exercise programme, you will get a tracker so that you can record your progress and see how you are getting on. See below – it got a bit wet in the rain!

If you have a fitness goal in mind, it is worth joining up – you can always try it out for 5 days (or 6 or 7), and see how you get on.

I have a discount code for £5 off that you can use as well – the code that you will need to use to get this discount is FROMPENNIES5.

This is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own.