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Want to know how to save money on food shopping? Keep on reading!

Grocery shopping can be a nightmare for your wallet. With a family, or even if you live on your own, the costs of food can escalate easily into hundreds and hundreds of pounds a month. Of course, this can be helped by meal planning, which I believe is so important and can really ease stress. But even then, it can be a constant challenge keeping the food shopping bill down as low as you can get it, but still manage to eat a well balanced diet. Shopping around can be really handy for this, and whilst it may seem a bit of a pain – it will save you a lot of money in the long run. There can be places which you only need to visit every few months or so to get some particular items.
There is an online company that you may or may not have heard of, which is called Approved Food. Approved Food sell food that is past the ‘best before’ date. Note, this is not the same as ‘use by’.
Best Before date is the estimated date that the manufacturers say you should eat the food before it goes past the premium quality of the product.

Because of people not wanting to buy if a product has passed its best before date, this is where Approved Food can step in and take the food to sell on for a small price. It’s so cheap! Take a look at the website where you can look at all of the different brands which are on there. I have used Approved Food before and was really impressed with it – it is great for stocking up the cupboards! There are lots of different categories such as groceries, alcohol, household items, pet food, and they even have a section for special dietary requirements such as gluten free food. There’s even fresh fruit and vegetables on there!

Usually there is a delivery charge of £5.99 for England and Wales and parts of Scotland. They also deliver to a lot of other countries in Europe with different postage costs. There is a maximum weight of 25kg in each shopping box.
However – I have managed to negotiate some free delivery codes especially for my readers!

Here is your code: P2PDEL – make sure you use my link too!

It can be used uniquely 30 times (so one person can’t make two orders and use it both times). Please note this means I only have 30 codes available for you – better be quick using them! The codes are valid until the 3rd of July until 23:59.

The code knocks £5.99 off the delivery cost. This would make delivery free for most people who make a one box order. Anyone who orders more than one box, or that lives in more expensive shipping areas (Scottish Highlands and Ireland for example), it will deduct £5.99 from the cost. Please note that there is a minimum spend on orders which is £17.50.

For some areas in Scotland the charge is £10.50 for a box (25kg) depending on where you live. Register with us to see what your delivery rate is for your area. Unfortunately there is no multi-box shipping deals for these areas.

For N. Ireland and UK islands the charge is £12.00.

Republic of Ireland
£15 for a 25kg box

Some more information from Approved Food:

Best before dates are about quality, not safety. The food typically just begins to gradually lose its flavour and texture after that date, nothing more.
Best before dates appear on a wide range of dried, tinned and other foods.
Think carefully before throwing away food past its best before date. Every year in the UK we throw away 7.2m tonnes of food and drink, most of which could have been eaten.

Use by dates refer to safety and you will see on food that goes off quickly, such as fish, meat products and ready-prepared salads. Approved Food doesn’t sell any food that has a use by date.

For more information on best before dates visit the Food Standards Agency guidelines page for more details

Make sure you are quick to place your order, there are only 30 codes available! I will try and re-negotiate this in the future to get some codes for you all again. There are so many great food shopping items on their website and I’m so pleased that I am able to share this with you. I am always looking for new ways to save money, so this is really helpful.
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Has anyone used Approved Food or anything similar before? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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