How To Save Money With House Sitting

House Sitting

Have you heard of house sitting before? When you go away on holiday or for an extended period of time (for example with work), it’s not ideal to leave your house empty due to burglars and things that need looking after such as pets or plants! 

A solution for this can be house sitters – people who come and stay in your house and look after it, and can also look after your pets if you have any.

I’ve spoken to local UK company HouseSitMatch to get some information on how best to save money from either becoming a house/pet sitter or hiring one whilst you are away:

Petsitters can save between £500-£1500 on your petsitting costs

One of the most under-rated costs of a family holiday is the cost of petcare when you go away, and good petsitters are much in demand. With petsitting costs for professionals rising as the profession gains in popularity, think what could do if you could save the pet care costs of between £25-50 per day for a single pet?

It adds up to an average of £500-£1500 for an average family’s holidays per year. So, what are your options? Have you considered housesitting?

Looking for pet sitters? Consider house sitters

Meet Fred, he’s a 12 year-old Yorkie with attitude who loves cuddles. Meet Amy, she’s a pet sitter with She loves traveling and takes time out a few times a year to housesit for other members on the house sitting and pet sitting network who need pet care when they go on holiday.

What’s the difference between a professional pet sitter and a house sitter?

Professional pet sitter

  • When you book a professional pet sitter they have experience in pet care and will likely be happy to come to your house, some prefer to care for your pets at their location.
  • They will charge you their going rate which may vary from £25-50 per day depending how many pets need care in your absence.
  • The cost will be an estimated £500- £1500 for your holidays to cover the cost of care

Housesitter via a reputable housesitting network

When you book a housesitter via a network like you enter a collaborative membership where as a homeowner you look for checked live-in sitters to come can care for your property and pets. You look for a sitter that has the pet experience you need by posting an advert online to attract applicants.

The house sitter is free!

What kind of pets can be cared for?

We have housesitters with all kinds of pet care experience, from dogs and cats, to rabbits and hens to then smaller and more exotic pets. We also have housesitters who love horses and donkeys.

Is it safe?

It’s a secure network – HouseSitMatch is a secure managed network where all the members are ID checked on registration, and all sitters are police checked. The network is run as a family business with administrative support overseeing the online activities to ensure good collaboration and behaviour.

Your data is encrypted and hidden – All contact details are hidden, until a match is made and agreed between the two parties when you reveal the details you want to your chosen partner.
There are administrators available for support – Housesitmatch is a family run firm with real time support for those who need a helping hand online.

How does it work?

Join as a member either as a homeowner or as a housesitter, depending on what you are looking for in the membership. Registration is an easy 3 step process – Get ID checked online, you’ll need to take a selfie, a photo id (passport) Then you are on your way!

To start your housesitting adventure or to find your house and petsitting solution register with HouseSitMatch:

To register as a House-sitter follow this link

To register as a Homeowner follow this link

This is a collaborative post with HouseSitMatch.