I am VERY determined that I will eradicate my debt, and then work on growing my net worth. This is of utmost importance to me and is the reason why I am constantly brainstorming money saving and money making ideas. It has reached the point where I have slashed our expenses as much as I can; I have reviewed all of our outgoings and negotiated everything, meal planning, switched supermarkets, don’t spend anything that I don’t need to!

The next step is to get more money coming in. I have made a big list of money making ideas and I will be trying them all out and sharing them with you lovely lot! The reason I would like to improve my finances is for financial security. I don’t want to be worried about money. I want to be able to retire safely and I want to travel as much as I can (I love it!). I am happy with living a frugal lifestyle – I’ve found it leads to peace of mind, better health, a completely refreshing outlook on life with a disdainful look at wasteful consumerism. I’m more aware of avoiding adverts, getting value for my money, never paying full price for something. Saving money and being frugal helps me spend more, quality time with my daughter who is so bright, intelligent and adventurous already at 4 years old.

Thinking about every single purchase before committing to buying it is a really helpful tool to get on track with your spending.
Do I really need it?
Can I borrow it from a family member or friend instead of buying it?
Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?
Can I find a voucher or discount voucher if I absolutely must buy it?
Can I find it for free on Freecycle or a similar site?

The question I will be asking myself daily to be accountable for this is “What have you done today to save or make money?”. 

I don’t want to take a soft approach. My debt needs to be gone SHARPISH. The fastest way to get rid of the debt is to increase my money coming in to put on the debt. I currently have a lodger which is such a big help. I’ve been selling at car boot sales and selling sites as you know.

Today to save money:

Did the food (and household) shopping which came to £40 for 2 weeks for the 3 of us. Really proud of this! I checked how much meat we still had in the freezer so I didn’t need to buy much meat. I’ve been sticking to the meal planner and doing homemade snacks and desserts. We are pretty stocked up with toiletries and cleaning items so I didn’t need to get any today.

Today to make money:

I did my first mystery shopping trip! I got for free: a breakfast roll, tea, lunch and a snack. I will get a small fee for this too. I’m going to try and do a few more and try out some different companies and then do a post to share with you my tips for mystery shopping. I was a bit nervous before because it was a lot of stuff to remember but it was fun and the food was delicious!

So what has everyone else done today to save or make money? If we ask ourselves this every day, hopefully this will lead to us being more proactive rather than reactive! The more brainstorming and ideas that are flowing, the better all of our money situations will hopefully be.

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