How ‘Wombling’ Can Save You Money On Your Shop


Have you heard of wombling? It’s affectionately named after the books and TV show in the 1970’s ‘The Wombles of Wimbledon Common’ who used to go around collecting rubbish to clean up the area and recycle in unusual ways.

Before you think I’m off my rocker, I’m not advising that you become a womble (still not sure what they are, moles perhaps?) – what I am advising is that you consider wombling as a way of saving money on your supermarket shop.

Now to be honest, this is not something that I would personally spend much time on – if at all. I like to concentrate on ways that will save you huge amounts of money for little effort, and also ways to help you earn extra money from home. However, I’ve become more aware that a lot of people are not in a position to do these things and are struggling so much that any bit of savings helps.

Still wondering what wombling is exactly? It is when you collect receipts in order to use them to get money off – usually in the form of points or vouchers.

For example, if you go to do a shop in Tesco but don’t have a club card, the points will go to waste. However, if you do have a club card, the points are added onto your club card.
If you see a discarded receipt, you can get those points added onto your card. Points can generally be used for money off your food shop, or with things like club card points you can use them towards other things such as meals out or holidays.

There are people out there who spend a lot of time collecting up discarded receipts to use the points, and many of them can be found in various Facebook groups.

Wombling is not illegal, but the stores are understandably not overly thrilled with people doing it, so it’s best to be careful. You cannot take receipts out of bins or out of the store, as this is illegal. However, any blowing around in the wind outside are fine, and it’s always worth looking in supermarket trollies.

Collect discarded receipts that have 8 separate items or more on them. Then visit and input the number above the barcode. The website will then tell you whether you have a money off voucher (also knows as an Asda Price Guarantee) which you can then print off and use against your next shop.

You can get clubcard points from Tesco. Look for receipts with the barcode at the bottom as this has unclaimed points on it. You can add 2 receipts per day within 14 days on the receipt.

Sainsbury’s have the Nectar card point scheme. Look for receipts that state “ you could have earned xx points today. You can add the points within 14 days from the date on the receipt.

Morrison’s have a ‘match and more’ loyalty card. Look for receipts that state “ you could have earned xx points today.” In a 30 day period you can add 15 receipts.

Other places

Find receipts that the customer has not used their vouchers to claim money off you can take the receipt in store.

Boots have an advantage card. You may find receipts that the customer has not used their card but asked for it to be validated. Add within 45 days.

Find receipts and add the Chicken stamps. However there is no way of telling on the receipt if the stamps have been added or not.

Costa Coffee

Again, look for receipts that state you could have earned xx points today


If you download these apps, you can take photos of your receipts and earn points which can be turned into vouchers or cash to withdraw.

Receipt Hog
You need 1,500 coins to get a £5 Paypal payment or 1,000 coins for a £3 Amazon voucher.

This is for Android phones only (sad times for me with my iPhone!)

You can get cash back from the receipts.

Shopimum (referral code ACGMMHGW for a free Lindt gold bunny)

This is run in conjunction with Quidco – you can get cash back from your receipts.

You can get cash back from the receipts.

Points To Note

Ask your family and friends if you could have their receipts that they have not redeemed – it’s certainly an easier way of collecting them!

Don’t go up and try and do hundreds of receipts in one go. Stores generally don’t mind it (especially Tesco) but they won’t be as lenient if you make it obvious what you are doing.

Don’t take receipts from inside the store or from inside bins – make sure that they are ones which are floating around.

Don’t forget that there are other ways to save money on your supermarket shop too, and using them can cut your expenses down as low as possible. Check out this post on frugal cookbooks, this one on how to save money on your food shop, and this one about meal planning.

You could get something to keep your receipts safe in – such as: Tom’s Depot – Receipt Tin.

how wombling can save money food shop

Have you ever done wombling? Do you think that this is something that you could try to save money?

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