If you like reading books (who doesn’t?!) or have children, books are really important. Countless studies have shown us that reading to, and reading with, your children will have fantastic benefits for them. Better communication, language skills, great family bonding time…the list goes on and on. Can you tell I’m a big advocate of reading with your children?!


What I find absolutely crazy is the fact that not everyone goes to the library. This really does surprise me – especially parents. I remember a friend of mine saying she had never taken her child to the library and feeling surprised because my daughter and I go to our local library every week. It’s one of her favourite places to go and I hope it will continue to be for the rest of her life.
I am an avid reader myself; I love getting lost in a book and try and read a whole book in one sitting because I just get sucked into it. I believe the benefits of reading are huge and I know that my language skills and grammar wouldn’t be as good if I hadn’t read so much in my lifetime.
When people tell me they are too busy to read a book I just think…I bet you watch TV though? Don’t get me wrong I like watching the TV too but I’m definitely not obsessed with it (apart from The Walking Dead, my fave!) and would prefer to read a book.

Libraries have a huge selection of books, even if it’s only a small library there will still be a LOT and it is regularly updated with new books. You can even request a specific one if you wish (I think you have to pay about £1 to do this. I’ve only done this once when I was potty training my daughter – I didn’t want to buy the specific book so I borrowed it and then wrote everything down that I needed to know. It worked as well!).
I personally love going to the library as a mum because my daughter gets a new set of books every week for free, and she loves it there because they have jigsaw puzzles and colouring. Another pro is not needing to store the million books you read, you can just read them and take them back. Then take them out again if you loved that book!

Most libraries have the following:

  • Free books for adults and children to borrow
  • Free audio-books for children to borrow (great for car trips)
  • Jigsaw puzzles for children to play with
  • Colouring for children
  • Free wi-fi
  • Free internet usage
  • Free IT taster sessions
  • Free newspapers and magazines
  • Children’s activity sessions such as craft sessions, baby rhyme time
  • DVD’s at a small charge

Unfortunately my library told me recently that they are reducing their opening days and hours – they are closing an extra day in the week and finishing earlier. If more people don’t use the libraries they will get closed down – I urge you to use your local library!

I know it’s nice to own your own books, but do you need hundreds or even thousands of them? Why not have a sort through and sell some or donate to a charity? I love books and I have about…10 of my own which are my absolute favourites that I can read over and over. All of the other books I have read in my life have either been sold or have been from the library.

It’s not just fiction books in there but non-fiction too – gardening books, cooking books, sewing, knitting, pregnancy, auto-biographies, so many.


Don’t forget that you will be charged if you don’t return a book in time (this is not applicable for children’s books – no late fee on these). My library send out an email a couple of days before a book is due back which is helpful, but if you aren’t sure that you will remember make sure you put a note in your diary or similar or else it won’t be free!

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